Our Services



When you travel, keep your pets in the comfort of their own home.  You can be assured that your dog or cat is fed, relieved, exercised and loved while you are away.  In addition to caring for your pet(s), we will ensure that your mail and packages are brought in, adjust lights and blinds, water plants, retrieve garbage cans and look after what you need while gone.  Your designated pet sitter will be in direct contact with you after each visit, sending real-time updates through our automated app.  Overnight care is available as well, simply contact us for more information.


Keep your dog happy and healthy when you are busy at work all day!  We all know that a tired dog = a good dog!  Let us come take your pooch for a walk, freshen up their water, give them a treat and shower them with attention and love.  Surely, breaking up their day with some activity will receive the excitement that happens when you get home from a long day at work!  This service is great for year round residents but also for those visiting the area who need occasional walks while visiting their summer homes. 

Quick Relief Visit

Some pups simply don't require a walk.  Perhaps you have a fenced in yard and just want your dog let out to relieve themselves.  We will come to your home, take your pup out for a quick relief, bring them back in and refresh their water and give them a treat.  No walk is included with this service.


Puppies are like babies!  Eat, play, sleep, pee!  New puppies are a ton of work and demand lots of attention.  We offer private puppy care in your home.   We will help you get through those early puppy stages with crate training, feeding, playing and ensuring the very important; SLEEP!  We will customize a plan that works for you.  This is not a one size fits all puppy care program.  Please inquire for more information.


Starting in June, we will be offering Playgroups and Off Leash Playtime.  If you are wanting for your pup to get out for some fresh air and run and play off leash, this is the service for you!  Sometimes a leashed walk is simply not enough!  Offering a secure, fenced in area to romp and play.  A full dog interview will be required and it goes without saying that your pup will need to be socialized with other dogs and no bite history.  


Do you take lengthy vacations or move down south during the winter?  Let us check on your home while you are away.  We will water plants, ensure toilets aren't running or leaking, windows/doors are all locked and secured, etc.  We recommend a bi-weekly visit for these services.