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Upper Cape Pet Sitting is a full service pet sitting company.  Based on beautiful Cape Cod, we service the Upper Cape towns.  We are fully staffed, managed locally and insured.  Here to help you care for your pet(s) when you can't be.  Offering pet sitting for dogs and cats (some farm animals too!), dog walking and overnight care while you are away.  If you are from out of town and visiting our beautiful area, feel free to reach out as we can care for your pet while you jaunt to the Vineyard or Nantucket for your day or overnight trip!  Our team will ensure that your pets are getting the quality care they deserve!

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“If you are looking for kind, down-to-earth and knowledgeable people who truly love and know how to take care of animals, this is the company. My fiancé and I have our little lab puppy being watched by them a few days a week and we couldn’t be happier. Truly an amazing experience in all aspects; the care, the flexibility, the communication, and the passion for what they do. Thank you so much for treating Captain as one of your own!”

— Daniel Casey & Mary Holland



Our Services


Pet Sitting

When you travel, keep your pets in the comfort of their own home.  You can be assured that your dog or cat is fed, relieved, exercised and loved while you are away.  In addition to caring for your pet(s), we will ensure that your mail and packages are brought in, adjust lights and blinds, water plants, retrieve garbage cans and look after what you need while gone.  Your designated pet sitter will be in direct contact with you after each visit, sending real-time updates through our automated app.  Overnight care is available as well, simply contact us for more information.

Dog Walking

Keep your dog happy and healthy when you are busy at work all day!  We all know that a tired dog = a good dog!  Let us come take your pooch for a walk, freshen up their water, give them a treat and shower them with attention and love.  Surely, breaking up their day with some activity will receive the excitement that happens when you get home from a long day at work!  This service is great for year round residents but also for those visiting the area who need occasional walks while visiting their summer homes.

Puppy Daycare

Puppies are like babies!  Eat, play, sleep, pee!  New puppies are a ton of work and demand lots of attention.  We offer puppy daycare to help relieve the stress of having to juggle leaving the office to come home and allow your puppy a relief break.  Your puppy will be socialized with other dogs, but also just as important, they will be crate trained and able to get the sleep they need during the course of the day.  You can rest easy knowing that your beloved puppy is having fun, but in a safe and relaxing environment as well.


Offered on a limited basis, please call us for more information on our playgroups.  If you are wanting for your pup to get out for some fresh air and run and play with other dogs, this is the service for you!  Offering a secure, fenced in area to romp and play.  A full dog interview will be required and it goes without saying that your pup will need to be socialized with other dogs and no bite history.  

House sitting

Do you take lengthy vacations or move down south during the winter?  Let us check on your home while you are away.  We will water plants, ensure toilets aren't running or leaking, windows/doors are all locked and secured, etc.  We recommend a bi-weekly visit for these services.





Pet sitting - $25

Feeding, relief break and exercise.  Includes bringing in mail, garbage cans, adjusting lights, etc.  Available 7 days a week.  

Frequent User Discounts Available for this service.

Cat sitting - $20

Feeding, litter box cleaning.  Available 7 days a week.


$70 - Your pet stays overnight at a pet sitter's home.

$85 - Both pet and pet sitter stay overnight at client home.

Dog Walking  

$20 - 30 minute dog walk or exercise, refresh water, treats offered (Monday-Friday)

$25 - 30 minute dog walk or exercise, refresh water, treats offered (Saturday/Sunday)

$30 - 45 minute dog walk or exercise, refresh water, treats offered (Monday-Friday)

$35 - 45 minute dog walk or exercise, refresh water, treats offered (Saturday/Sunday)

$5 for 2nd Dog, 3rd dog is free!

Frequent User Discounts Available for this service.

Puppy DayCare - $50

6 hours puppy day care.  Socialization with other dogs, fun and play time, crate training and rest time. 

Puppy vaccinations must be completed.

Playgroups - $40

2-3 hours of playtime with 2-5 dogs.  Your dog MUST be socialized and have a no bite history. 

Fenced in play area offers lots of room to romp and play.  All vaccinations must be verified.

House Sitting - $30

We will visit your home bi-weekly to make sure windows/doors are locked, toilets and faucets are not leaking or running, hot water heater, oil levels and whatever else you would like us to monitor.





If you would like to schedule service but are not yet a client, please select the "Request Free Consultation" link on the top right of this page.  You will be asked to create an account as well as a pet profile.  We will contact you promptly to schedule your consultation.

 If you have general questions about our services or simply would like to speak with us, please complete the form below and we will respond to your request.