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Welcome to Upper Cape Pet Sitting

Upper Cape Pet Sitting is the premier pet sitting company on Upper Cape Cod, offering a wide array of services for your beloved pets.  Making it easy on you, is why we are here.  Never again will you have to worry about your pup getting exercise during the day or how you will manage all of those overnights when you travel.  Never again will you have to take your pet out of their comfortable environment; their home!  Reduce the stress of having your pet in an unfamiliar place, with unknown caregivers, endless noise and an ever changing environment.  No need for drop offs or pick ups, we come to you. Keeping it consistent is key!

With our streamlined online scheduling portal, we make it easy for you to schedule the pet care you need right from your desktop or download the convenient app on your smart phone or other device.  Real-time reporting is sent to you upon completion of services, offering peace of mind knowing that your pets are safe and well cared for. 

Make no mistake, just because we make it super easy to schedule care for your pets, doesn’t mean it ends there.  Starting off with a free consultation, we will gather the important background information about your pooch or kitty.  From feeding schedules to their individual quirks, to known fears or habits.  Our staff will ensure that the daily routines of your pet(s) are uninterrupted, delivering a continuance of care just as they would receive from their owners.  We are fully insured and our entire staff has been CORI checked and Pet CPR Certified.

You don’t have to live in Upper Cape Cod to benefit from our services.  Feel free to reach out if you are visiting the area and need pet care during your stay.  We work with many local pet friendly B&B’s and home rental services.


Visiting Cape Cod

Welcome to Cape Cod! Hopefully you have come to our beautiful area for a family vacation or an event that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of this lovely area! The good news is that you were also able to bring your furry family with you!

No need to miss out on activities because you are concerned about leaving your pet(s).   We are NOT some “Uber Pet Sitting” company like many that are out there. We are an established pet sitting business that saw the need for those vacationers who prefer premier care for their pets. Go enjoy the Vineyard or Nantucket for the day and let us manage your pet care while you enjoy your time.

Simply click on the Request Free Consultation link and you will be guided to a form that will provide us information about your upcoming pet care service needs.

Pet Sitting is defined by us caring for your pet(s) while you are out and about as well as overnight if needed. We will walk, feed and ensure that your pet is cared for as many times as you request, at the times you requested.
Dog Walking is simply that. We will scoop up your dog(s) and take them on a 30 minute walk to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, get them some fresh air and will ensure they have fresh water upon return.

Please reach out today if you have a trip coming up. The more notice you can offer us, the better.

Premier private care, dog walking, overnight and pet sitting services for families on vacation in Cape Cod.    -Josie enjoys a walk along the water

Premier private care, dog walking, overnight and pet sitting services for families on vacation in Cape Cod.

-Josie enjoys a walk along the water